Welcome to the website of Panda Imports (UK) Ltd.  Using our global overseas network we are able to source and deliver an almost limitless selection of products to organisations within the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our role as an importer is to allow businesses in the UK to purchase items at low prices without the issue of arranging orders with overseas companies and incurring the costs associated with delivery and customs.

With a warehousing hub located in Peterborough with a logistics company on-site, we are ideally situated to distribute  quickly and efficiently to your business premises.


Specialist Freight Forwarder

Organising shipments to move goods from the manufacturer or producer to your location or final point of distribution.

Customs Broker

Clearing of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters.

International Shipping

International shipping service moving your product to anywhere in the world.

UK Warehousing

Strategically located warehouse at the heart of the UK’s logistics network.